Viva Pinata Party Animals Shortcut Guide

Written by Pedle Zelnip

The Eaglair Eye Award - Find and use all the shortcuts in the races. achievement for Viva Pinata Party Animals requires you to find all the "shortcuts" in each of the 7 races in the game.

While there are text-based guides to this, many of them are a bit hard to follow so I decided to create some video guides for each of the 7 races. Enjoy!

Click a link for the video guide for that race:

  1. Beached Shortcuts
  2. Bridged Shortcuts
  3. Civilized Shortcuts
  4. Garden (no shortcuts, so no guide)
  5. Frosty Shortcuts
  6. Cha Cha Changes
  7. Factory

Acknowledgements: this achievement guide was based largely upon information found on the forums, so thanks go out to the posters on there.

This achievement guide was written by Adam "Pedle Zelnip" Parkin, and may be freely distributed as long as the contents are unaltered

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