Langston's Challenges For Viva Piñata: Trouble In Paradise

Written by Pedle Zelnip

Below you'll find a list of all the piñata's required for Langston's challenges. Additionally, where possible I've included the info needed for variants and tricks as well. All info comes from either sickeder666 on the Achieve360Points forums, from burnoutbabe and Amalrik on the Xbox360Achievements forums, from Piñata Island, or from my own exploration playing the game.

Region 1


  1. Sparrowmint
  2. Pretztail
  3. Lickatoad
  4. Shellybean1
  5. Cluckles1


  1. Blue Bispotti (Bispotti varianted with a bluebell seed)1
  2. Robean1
  3. Newtgat1
  4. Lackatoad1
  5. Crowla1

United Kingdom

  1. Orange Bunnycomb (Bunnycomb varianted with a pumpkin)
  2. Squazzil and a red nose
  3. Blue Fudgehog (Fudgehog varianted with a bluebell seed)
  4. Badgesicle
  5. Green Barkbark (Barkbark varianted with a poison ivy flower)


  1. Blue Candary (Candary varianted with bluebell flower)
  2. Green Flutterscotch
  3. Buzzenge + Flamenco Shoes
  4. Ponocky + Bonnet
  5. Yellow Moozipan (Moozipan varianted with Banana seed)

Region 2


  1. Mousemallow
  2. Syrupent
  3. Mothdrop
  4. Sherbat
  5. Arocknid


  1. Tartridge
  2. Buzzlegum
  3. Blue Raisant (raisant varianted with blackberry)
  4. Badgesicle
  5. Rashberry


  1. Red Lickatoad + Harlequin Mask (Lickatoad varianted with apple)
  2. White Ponocky (Ponocky varianted with bread)
  3. Green Pudgeon (Pudgeon varianted with gooseberry seed)
  4. Pink Swanana (Swanana varianted with medicine)
  5. Red Horstachio (Horstachio varianted with chili seed)


  1. Purple Flutterscotch (White Flutterscotch varianted with a thistle)
  2. Purple Custacean (Custacean varianted with blackberry jam)
  3. S'morepion wearing Howdy Pardner Hat
  4. Blue Reddhott (Reddhott varianted with bluebell seed)
  5. Mallowolf


  1. Green Lemmoning wearing a weather girl wig and bling teeth and knowing one trick (Lemmoning varianted with a pea, easy trick is to feed it a thistle seed)
  2. Blue Crowla (Crowla varianted with bluebell seed)
  3. Yellow Moojoo wearing Squazzil hat (Moojoo varianted with buttercup flower)
  4. Pink Mallowolf wearing pendant necklace (Mallowolf varianted with water lily seed)
  5. Orange Fizzlybear wearing Conkerific helmet and combat boots (Fizzlybear varianted with carrot)

Region 3


  1. Whirlm
  2. Taffly
  3. Geckie
  4. Tartridge
  5. Newtgat


  1. Mousemallow
  2. White Sweetle (Sweetle varianted with a snowdrop flower)
  3. Fudgehog
  4. Kittyfloss
  5. Macaraccoon


  1. Blue Cluckles wearing a non-resident scarf (Cluckles varianted with a bluebell seed)
  2. Yellow Barkbark (Barkbark varianted with banana split)
  3. Black Hoghurt wearing a tiara of tranquility (Hoghurt varianted with a tulip)
  4. Pink Hootyfruity wearing Kazooie talons (Hootyfruity varianted with water lily seed, talons are under "feet")
  5. White bonboon (bonboon varianted with orchid flower)


  1. Orange Flutterscotch with a breegull carrier, daisy hair flower, and two tricks (White Flutterscotch varianted with a bird of paradise flower, tricks are snowdrop seed and bluebell seed, and breegull carrier is under "body")
  2. Orange Quackberry with a hula necklace, beaded wig, and one trick (Quackberry varianted with a bird of paradise seed, tricks are either a sandwich or gooseberry fool)
  3. White Peckanmix with turkish slippers, diamond necklace, and one trick (Peckanmix varianted with wool, tricks are either a blueberry or watercress flower. Note: wool is produced by a goobaa in a shearing shed)
  4. Red Elephanilla with comedian's nose, and a fez (Elephanilla varianted with a poppy seed)
  5. Yellow Tigermisu with a King Tut's Hat, and a cleopatra's necklace (Tigermisu varianted with a banana split, Note: to get King Tut's hat you must first complete all Egypt challenges)

Region 4


  1. Blue Pretztail (Pretztail varianted with bluebell flower)
  2. Green Squazzil (Squazzil varianted with watercress seed)
  3. Profitamole wearing a beaded wig
  4. Yellow Sweetooth (Sweetooth varianted with sunflower flower)
  5. Yellow Moojoo wearing a sethoscope (Moojoo varianted with buttercup flower)


  1. Purple Custacean (Custacean varianted with blackberry jam (blackberry tinkered))
  2. Yellow Cherrapin (Cherrapin varianted with honey)
  3. Cocoadile
  4. Green Salamango (Salamango varianted with a gooseberry)
  5. Pink Fourheads (Fourheads varianted with medicine)


  1. Orange Twingersnap with a knight helmet (Twingersnap varianted with venus pinata trap)
  2. White Parmadillo with a dellmonty and a trick (Parmadillo varianted with a hemlock flower, tricks are either palm seed or coconut)
  3. Dragumfly with a daisy hair flower and robbers mask
  4. Purple Cinnamonkey with a diggerling helmet mk1 (Cinnamonkey varianted with a blackberry seed)
  5. Parrybo with a bling nose ring and bling earrings


  1. Green Doenut with a football helmet, sweaty wrist bands, and a trick (Doenut varianted with oak tree seed, tricks are either blackberry or gooseberry)
  2. Blue Vulchurro with reading glasses, cook hat, and one trick (Vulchurro varianted with a bluebell seed, easy trick is a cactus flower)
  3. Blue Smelba with a blackeye patch (Smelba varianted with a fireweed flower)
  4. Pigxie with a retro disco wig, handlebar mustache, and cool shades
  5. Eaglair with a yee-haw hat, yee-haw spurs, and a sheriff's badge (Note that yee-haw spurs are unlocked in the view credits garden, smash all the objects in the garden to unlock the yee-haw spurs)

Region 5


  1. Orange Sweetle with a school cap, and one trick (Sweetle varianted with a marmalade (tinkered orange), tricks are either apple seed or carrot)
  2. Purple Pieena with a firefighter's hat (Pieena varianted with a blackberry)
  3. Buzzenge with flying goggles, and Von Ghoul helmet
  4. Red Cinnamonkey with Mr. Pants hat (Cinnamonkey varianted with a chili pepper)
  5. Camello with Conga's Top Hat, and Toff Monocle


  1. Pink Geckie with retro disco wig, and disco shades and one trick (Geckie varianted with a cactus flower, easiest trick is a watercress flower)
  2. Yellow Raisant with sweaty wrist bands, a thunder cut, and one trick (Raisant varianted with a sunflower flower, easiest trick is a buttercup flower)
  3. Orange Jameleon with a beanie cap, and diamond choker (Jameleon varianted with a carrot cake (tinkered carrot))
  4. Parrybo with a pillager's helmet, and bushy mustache
  5. White Sarsgorilla (Sarsgorilla varianted with a bone)


  1. Blue Chocstrich with one trick (Chocstrich varianted with a blueberry muffin (tinkered blueberry), easiest trick is a cactus seed)
  2. Pink Zumbug with a mermaid necklace, mermaid earrings, and one trick (Zumbug varianted with a water lily seed, easiest trick is a blackberry)
  3. Green Chippopatamus with a grunty hat and two tricks (Chippopatamus varianted with a mushroom (tinkered toadstool), tricks are watercress seed and bullrush seed)
  4. Yellow Limeoceros (Limeoceros varianted with cheese (tinkered milk))
  5. Blue Roario with a gold combat medal (Roario varianted with a bluebell seed, a gold combat medal is given when a pinata wins 17 fights, just put a roario and a tigermisu in a garden alone, and poke the tiger to start a fight, heal him after the roario wins and repeat)

Region 6


  1. Orange Arocknid with extreme sport goggles and one trick (Arocknid varianted with jack 'o lantern (tinkered pumpkin), easy trick is to feed a chili pepper)
  2. White S'morepion with comedian's choice glasses, red nose, and one trick (S'morepion varianted with bottle of milk, easiest trick is to feed a hemlock flower)
  3. Black Goobaa with Mr. Pants Hat, and funky tie (Goobaa varianted with tulip seed)
  4. Pink Cocoadile with headphones, and cool shades (Cocoadile varianted with water lily seed)
  5. Galagoogoo with sweaty wristband

Region 7

South Pole

  1. Purple Pengum with Ortho's Spare Hat, geek glasses, and one trick (Pengum varianted with turnip, tricks are either snowdrop flower or tulip flower)
  2. Green Juicygoose with doenut stalker, dastardos scarf, and one trick (Juicygoose varianted with oak tree seed, tricks are either goosberry or gooseberry seed)
  3. Purple Walrusk with tussle tricorn, jiggy earrings, and two tricks (Walrusk varianted with snapdragon flower, tricks are bullrush seed and watercress seed)
  4. Yellow Polollybear with star earrings, and thundercut (Polollybear varianted with dandelion flower)
  5. Jeli with fake winner's rosette and a crown (rosette is under "Body")

1 - Unconfirmed by the author (Pedle Zelnip)
This guide was written by Adam "Pedle Zelnip" Parkin, and may be freely distributed as long as the contents are unaltered

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