Tomb Raider Anniversary - Time Trial Videos

Note: I did not make these videos, they were done by gunj17 so all credit should go to him/her.


Mountain Caves

City of Vilcabamba

Lost Valley

Tomb of Qualopec


St. Francis Folly


Midas's Palace

Tomb of Tihocan

Note: The above run is cut a bit close (about 40 secs to spare). There is another run by silverRagout that you can find at which finishes with much more time to spare.

Also note that there is a shortcut you can take advantage of to get out of the drained pool area quicker. A video showing this can be found at


Temple of Khamoon

Obelisk of Khamoon

Sanctuary of the Scion

Lost Island

Natla's Mines

Great Pyramid

Final Conflict

Croft Manor

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