NHL 2K7 Achievement Guide

Written by Pedle Zelnip

Okay first tip for getting the first 6 achievements below is to set the game settings properly to make things easy. Do a Quick Match, and set the following settings:

With these settings, you should be able to get the first 6 achievements in one game (listed below in order you should try for them).

  1. Fast Start (easy) - Score a goal in the first minute of play on All-Star difficulty or higher in a single-player game. - Not much to say about this one, just score in the first minute (this is why we have the clock set to real-time). Note that it has to be the first minute of the first period, not the first minute of any period. So if you don't score in that first minute, just quit out and restart the game (or go for other achievements).
  2. Break Out (easy) - Score a goal on a breakaway on Amateur difficulty or higher in a single-player game. - No real trick to this, just get the puck and zip out in front (use the RT to boost). Then it's just a matter of putting it in (if you have CPU goalie skill set to minimum this shouldn't be a problem)
  3. Blueline Tally (easy) - Score a goal with a defenseman on Pro difficulty or higher in a single-player game. - Not much trick to this one either. I actually did the first three achievements in my first goal of my first game (I scored on a breakaway with a defencemen in the first minute).
  4. Can't Keep Me Down (easy) - Score a goal when 2 men down on Pro difficulty or higher in a single-player game. - This is why we set all penalty sliders to max and the penalty length to the full 2 minutes as well. Just keep taking penalties by either Once you're two men down, just get the puck and charge in on a breakaway. It also helps if you edit your 5-on-3 lines so that your three players are good scorers.
  5. No Mercy! (easy) - Win a game by 10 or more goals on Pro difficulty or higher in a single-player game. - Self-explanitory, just keep piling on the shots. Again, if CPU goalie skill is set to 0 then this shouldn't be a problem (one timers work wonders)
  6. Starry Night (easy) - Earn all 3 stars on Rookie difficulty or higher in a single-player game. - Odds are if you get the No Mercy! achievement in a game, you'll get this one as well.

Okay, now for the franchise achievements. Again, the trick is the settings, first start off by creating a new franchise (under Game Modes) and then set:

Okay then create your franchise and pick your team (I used Calgary, doesn't really matter which you use, although a good goalie can help)

I then let the CPU do all the hiring & whatnot

Okay once at the main Franchise menu, go to Options -> Setup and then set the following:

Then it's just a matter of playing through the seasons to get achievements 7-11.

  1. Brick Wall (easy) - Record 5 consecutive shutouts in Franchise mode on Pro difficulty or higher. - Only trick to this one is to save after every game (in Options) and if you have a game where you don't get a shutout, then just reload and try again. With the Gameplay-CPU sliders set to minimum and 1 minute periods, you'll probably give up less than 5 shots a game, so you shouldn't have any problems getting this.
  2. Dominance (easy, but time consuming) - Win Stanley Cup and Presidents Trophy in the same year in Franchise on Pro difficulty or higher. - Presidents Trophy is awarded to the team with the best regular season record. If you play every game in a season (recommended if you're going to get the "Are we there yet?" achievement) then you should get this by default as you'll most likely win every game (again, if Gameplay-CPU is set to minimum).
  3. Champions (easy, but time consuming) - Win the Stanley Cup in Franchise on Pro difficulty or higher. - If you got the last achievement, then you will have gotten this one.
  4. Dynasty (easy, but very time consuming) - Win 3 Stanley Cups in a row in Franchise on Pro difficulty or higher. - After you win your first, just progress through the offseason BS letting the CPU do everything. Then you get to your next season. If you are going for the "Are we there Yet?" achievement play every game in season #2, and most of season #3 (until you get the Are we there yet achievement. By the time you get this, save, then just let the computer sim the remaining games for the season and see if you made the playoffs, if you did, then go through the playoffs and win your 3rd consecutive cup. If you didn't, reload & try again.
  5. Are We There Yet? (easy, but very time consuming) - Win 100 games. - This one will likely be gotten as you progress through your franchise achievements. Only real trick is to set short periods and set the Gameplay-CPU sliders to minimum.

Okay, now for the last single-player achievements which are kinda oddballs:

  1. No Favorites (easy, but a bit time consuming) - Play a game with every NHL team. - Self-explanatory, just be sure to set the period length to the minimum. Note that you don't have to win a game with every team (just play one with every NHL team). And note that the "classic" NHL teams (ie the ones you have to unlock) don't count. So this means 30 games, of which 1 team you will have played in franchise, and if you played a different team in your quick match for the first 6 achievements, then that only leaves 28 more games to go.
  2. Miracle! (easy) - Beat USSR 80 with USA 80 on Pro difficulty or higher in a single-player game. - After you've won some games you earn "credits" to unlock various teams. Do this in the skybox by going to your right when you enter until "Unlockables" is highlighted. Unlock USA 80 and USSR 80, then play a quick game with you as USA 80 and USSR 80 as the opposition. As always, set difficulty to Pro, all Gameplay-CPU sliders to minimum, yours to maximum, and period length to 1 minute. Easy as pie.
Okay, only ones left that are attainable are the online ones which are listed below:
  1. SECRET - Quitter (trivial) - Quit 10 games online. - Not much to this one, it's worth 0 gamerscore so you might not want to bother with it. Self explanitory, just go into Xbox Live, down to lobbies, join a lobby and then play a game and quit after the opening faceoff 10 times. Note that these 10 games DO COUNT towards the Online Gamer achievement. Also note that each match will count as a loss on your record.
  2. Online Gamer (easy) - Play 30 ranked matches online. - Okay, there's two ways to do this one:
  3. Online Champion (trivial, but can be a pain to set up) - Win an online league with at least 8 players. - If you create a league you can decide who the winner is. Thus the trick to this one is to get 8 people to join your league. Create a league and give no password, this might get a couple of people to join. Other than that, go onto the various Xbox websites (www.achieve360points.com is a good one...) which have message forums and ask people to join your league (it's courtesy to offer to join their league in return). Once you have 8 teams in your league, declare yourself the winner (in the admin options) for a VERY easy 150 GS. You do not have to play a single game to get this achievement. If you need an extra player to join your league feel free to send me a message and an invite to your league and I'll join it.
Okay, last achievement:
  1. Revenge (glitched) - Score a penalty shot on All-Star difficulty or higher in a single-player game. - This one is (as of December 16, 2007) glitched and no one in the world legitimately has it. There has been speculation that this was intentional as so many people did slider adjustments and tricks in NHL 2k6 to get this achievement (which was worth 350 GS in 2K6). Hence the name Revenge....

Acknowledgements: this achievement guide was based largely upon information found on the www.achieve360points.com, so thanks go out to the posters on there, especially Crazy 006 who originally pointed out the Online Champion trick. In addition, this guide is partly based off of the other NHL 2k7 guide on that site which was written by AirForce0ne.

This achievement guide was written by Adam "Pedle Zelnip" Parkin, and may be freely distributed as long as the contents are unaltered

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