Ultimate Mortal Kombat III Achievement Guide

Written by Pedle Zelnip

Author's Note:

This is definitely a skill-based game, particularly the 100 Kills on Xbox Live can take forever if you're not good at the game.

Absolute Essentials:

This game is impossible if you don't know the combos/moves/etc for the character you like to play as. See a full list at:


  1. Flawless - Complete a Flawless victory against the CPU (1 round) (11) Pretty self-explanatory, just don't take any damage from a computer during one round. Funny enough, if you don't get this working through the tournament, you may very well do so against Motaro (one of the final bosses) or Noob Saibot (the hidden character) using the tips below.
  2. Fatality - Complete a Fatality during an Xbox Live Versus game. (15) Do a "fatality" on a player during an Xbox live game. For those who don't know a fatality is a special finishing move you do at the "Finish Him" stage of the match. See the link above for fatality moves. I personally always used Liu Kang's "Inner Fire" fatality (forward, forward, down, down, low kick) as it's pretty easy to pull off.
  3. Soother - Complete a Babality against the CPU. (20) Similar to a fatality a Babality is a special finishing move. This one you do against a CPU opponent. Note: You cannot use block during the final round if you want to do a babality. Again, see the link above for babalities. Again, I did Liu Kang for this, as his is pretty simple (down, down, down, high kick)
  4. My Friend - Complete a Friendship during an Xbox Live Versus game. (20) Again, a friendship is another special finishing move, and like a babality you cannot use block during the final round if you wish to do a friendship. As always see the link above for a list of them. Liu Kang's is pretty easy (run, run, run + down)
  5. Double Time - Complete a 2 hit combo against the CPU (8) Self-explanatory, just get a two hit combo against a computer. This can pretty well be done easily with any character.
  6. Combo Number 5 - Complete a 5 hit combo against the CPU. (15) Self-explanatory, but this one is probably easiest with Scorpion: Spear (Back, Back, HP), high kick, high kick, low kick, low kick. If you have trouble, practice it in a two player game.
  7. Match Three - Reach the third MATCH in any single player tournament. (10) Obviously easiest in the "Novice" tournament. Just win the first two matches to get this achievement.
  8. Match Five - Reach the fifth MATCH in any single player tournament. (12) Again, easiest in the "Novice" tournament. Just win the first four matches go get this achievement.
  9. Ultimate - Become the champion in any single player tournament (22) Beat any single-player tournament. Obviously since the "Novice" one is the shortest, it's the easiest to get this achievement in. The last two matches (Motaro and Shao Kahn) can be difficult for newer players, some tips: Motaro: just keep crouching and whenever he jumps in the air, upppercut him (uppercut is down + high punch). I used Sub-Zero to do it, although I don't see why it wouldn't work with any character. Shao Kahn: a bit trickier, but same idea will work -- lots of uppercuts. When he fires the green balls, crouch (but don't block) then charge & uppercut. I found being aggressive worked well, charge at him and uppercut him. Takes a bit of practice, but isn't too bad overall (and you can continue as many times as you want).
  10. Beat the Noob! - Beat the hidden character, Noob Saibot while playing the CPU. (25) First obvious question about this achievement is "who the hell is Noob Saibot?" When you beat a tournament (by say, beating Shao Kahn) you are asked to pick your prize. To reach Noob you pick the third icon (the one with the "3" on it). A *much* easier way to get to Noob is to start a 8-player tournament with a 2nd controller, go through the 10 matches, and you'll be asked to pick your prize for winning the tournament (again, pick the 3 icon to meet Noob). MUCH EASIER than playing through the single player tournament. Okay, next problem: how the $#@ do you beat him? Again, there is a trick way to do so (actually a few). The way I did it was to wait until he gets close, then start hitting the low punch (A button) repeatedly. If you do it right you'll end up with a flawless victory twice in a row. Some people did it a different way: to keep jumping backward, pressing low kick (B button). I found this didn't work for me, but maybe others will have better luck. A third way is to use Sindel and do the following combo repeatedly: Scream (forward, forward, forward, high punch) high kick high punch high punch down + high punch jump kick I personally suck at combos, so I went with A-button mashing. =8-p On the surface, this seems like the most difficult achievement to get, but using this technique, it's actually quite easy.
  11. Competitor - Win a total of 10 Xbox Live Ranked Versus matches. (12) Self-explanatory, just win 10 online matches. Note that they have to be ranked matches, player matches do not count. And if you're not very good at this game, prepare to be schooled your first few matches before the TrueSkill matching starts lining you up with similarly-skilled players.
  12. Century - Win a total of 100 Xbox Live Ranked Versus matches (30) Same as the "Competitor" achievement, just 5 times as long. Again, if you're not very good (like myself) this will take a looooong time to get. If you are a good player, you could easily get this in a day or two.

Acknowledgements: this achievement guide was based largely upon information found on the www.achieve360points.com forums, so thanks go out to some of the posters on there such as: CEMENTFIST, chrismuro916, Chainsaw Stebus, ShadowedAsh, and certainly Chimaera for the moves list.

This achievement guide was written by Adam "Pedle Zelnip" Parkin, and may be freely distributed as long as the contents are unaltered

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